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Dr. Alain Landry

„Controlled Mandibular Repositioning“  

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Der Kurs

Cranio-mandibular Disorders, Therapeutic position obtained by the Controlled Mandibular Repositioning method (C.M.R.)

General objectives: Dr. Alain Landry’s course offers the finest and most recent schools of thought in North America, Europe and Japan. This program enables dentists to acquire new knowledge and develop new competencies which they can incorporate into the heart of their practices for the well-being of their patients.

This continuum is for dentists who want to treat more complex cases of Cranio-Mandibular Disorders (C.M.D.). Teaching includes the essential concepts of Professor Slavicek, electronic condylography, computerized cephalometry with an emphasis on Controlled Mandibular Repositioning (C.M.R.) a method developed by Dr. Alain Landry in 1994 and subject of his Master’s thesis in 2005.

Most schools of thought on C.M.D. have focused on the treatment of neuro-muscular disorders. In C.M.D. cases, with regard to internal derangements (I.D.) and degenrative joint disease (D.J.D.), these approaches are ineffective and sometimes ill-advised.

For this reason, Controlled Mandibular Repositioning was developed. This method dramatically increases the success rate of internal derangement cases and of degenerative joint disease cases.

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  • Reference Position (physiologic, deranged, therapeutic)
  • Occlusion
  • Cranio-mandibular disorders
  • Controlled Mandibular Repositioning principles (theory and practice) for each patient
  • Palpation (theory and practice) of structures of the masticatory organ
  • Muscle vectors
  • Electronic Condylography,
    • Condylographic protocol for the C.M.R. method
    • Analysis and interpretation of condylographic tracings for Controlled Mandibular Repositioning method
  • Electronic Condylar Position Measurement (E.C.P.M.)
    • Mechanical C.P.M. (if required)
  • The use of a 3-D Mandibular Position Variator (M.P.V.)
  • T.M.J. X-Rays, Lateral cephalometric X-Ray
  • Cadias digitizing + interpretation
  • Muscle palpation training between participants
  • Body posture evaluation
  • Full patient documentation and case presentation on Controlled Mandibular Repositioing (for each new patient and follow up on previous patients)
  • Diagnosis (for each patient)
  • Preliminary treatment plan (for each patient)
  • Mounting the casts on Variator
  • Stabilizer (splint) fabrication (for each patient)
  • Transition Phase I to Phase II:
    • how to maintain the End Therapeutic Position
      • by removable prosthodontics
      • by fixed prosthodontics
      • by orthodontics
      • by orthognathic surgery
  • Para-occlusal clutch installation on fixed orthodontic cases
  • Question period

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 *russian Module B 10. Jun - 12. Jun 2020
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Course fee:

Euro 12.000

Course Director:

Dr. Alain Landry


Dr. Alain Landry

Course language:


Target group:


No. of participants:

maximum of 8 persons - to guarantee most intensive and effective lessons

Patient treatment:

Patient treatment during the course is subject to the participant’s sole responsibility.
Students are advised to extend their dental-professional liability insurance to their dental work during the course,
the course venue and the course duration. Participant will have to sign a waiver of liability at the start of the course.


After passing a final test the participant will be awarded a "VieSID® in cooperation with Medical University of Vienna and the University Clinic of Dentistry Vienna" certificate

(Subject to change)

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1090 Vienna, Austria


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Dr. A. Landry

Dr. Alain Landry, DMD, MSc

Dr. Landry graduated at Laval University Quebec (CN), and received the MSc from Danube University Krems (AT).
He is now devoting his time to teaching, research and scientific writing.  
At VieSID he lectures since 2008.


Allg. Geschäftsbedingungen

1. Once registered in writing you will receive a written confirmation and the invoice for the course fee. The number of participants is limited. In case the course is fully booked you will be informed accordingly.

2. After having sent the application, the registration is binding upon the applicant, who at the same time agrees to the terms and conditions. VieSID enters liability after having received full payment for the complete course.

3. The course fee is to be paid promptly by bank transfer. The course fee includes all scripts, material and necessary equipment during the course lessons.

4. The course fee does not include any travel and accommodation costs.

5. Deregistration from a course may only be made in writing and lead to cancellation fees: 
Cancellation within 30 days prior to the start of a confirmed course:the already made deposit will be retained. In case of no-show without prior deregistrationthe already made deposit will be retainedas well. It is possible to register a stand-by person or for a new date.

6. In case of a short-term cancellation of a lecturer, the participants will be informed promptly. Therefore we kindly ask you for your private/mobile phone number. VieSID reserves the right to: make alterations in the team of lecturers, change time or location of a course, postpone or cancel a course, and make changes to the course program.

7. A minimum number of participants is required for each course. VieSID reserves the right to cancel or postpone a course due to not having reached the minimum number of participants until 2 weeks before the course date. All payments of course fees will then be refunded completely. Any further demands or indemnification claims are precluded. VieSID is not liable for any related costs arising from the cancellation.

8. Photos of participants taken during the course may be used by VieSID for promotion purposes.

9. These Terms and Conditions are governed by Austrian law and any legal disputes shall be settled by the Austrian courts having subject-matter jurisdiction.

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