Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry

Education in Occlusion Medicine


Exclusive Tutorial course - Prof. Mariano Rocabado

 This is a 5 day special seminar at the University Clinic of Dentistry in Vienna / Austria.

The course covers the Importance of the temporal Fossa in the stability of the Cranio-Mandibular System.
Prof. Rocabado will introduce his concept of Tri-Centric relationship: Cranio-Cervical, Cranio-Mandibular and Occlusion.
This 5-day course will take place at the Dental University Clinic in Vienna / Austria. The course is split in theory and practical sessions, number of participants is limited.


Prof. R. Slavicek 

Professor Mariano Rocabado:
Title: Doctor Physical Therapy
Degree: Full Professor University Chile Orthodontic Department
Full Professor University Andrés Bello, Chile
Doctor in Physical Therapy (University St. Augustine/USA)
At present: Dean Faculty of Rehabilitation Science University Andrés Bello, Chile 

Date: 22. - 26. October, 2019

Course fee: 3.000,-- Euro

Place: Dental University Clinic Vienna

Course language: English, with Russian translation

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