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VieSID-Congress in Kiev


On 22 and 23 February 2019, for the first time, an international VieSID Congress will be held in Kiev (Ukraine). The topic is: Interdisciplinary concepts in occlusion medicine.


The topic of occlusion is a highly controversial discussed within the dental community. The objective of this congress is to provide the participant with a sound and authentic overview of the concept of dentistry according to the Vienna School / Prof. Rudolf Slavicek.

Participants will receive direct information from the high-leveld international VieSID faculty at first-hand. The lectures are harmonized with each other in a logical sequence and convey a central picture of the topic. Prof. Sadao Sato, one of the world's best-known experts in the field, takes over the chairmanship, the discussion board and also part of the lectures.

The interdisciplinarity of the concept is an important part of the mediation. Therefore, prosthodontists, orthodontists but also dental technicians teach.

The congress is international and will be held in English with Russian simultaneous translation. You have the opportunity to speak directly with our teachers and network.

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Prof. R. Slavicek 

The program:

Interdisciplinary Concepts in Occlusion Medicine

Chair: Prof. S. Sato

S. Sato  Occlusal medicine: overview and philosophy, importance of occlusion 

D. Togni Initial diagnoses, interdisciplinary and cybernetic approach in dentistry

E. Ury Instrumental analysis, clinically and clinical instrumentally

A. Klovanets           Differential diagnoses, initial treatment
S. Sato Occlusion, functional disturbances and TMD. Does a relation exist?

M. Casadei

Orthodontic treatment of dysfunctional cases

V. Fala


Implementation of sequential occlusion concept (Prof. R. Slavicek) in restorative dentistry


N. Bassetti Aesthetic, function and long-term stability in multidisciplinary rehabilitation

S. Thunert Occlusal design according to functional and aesthetic parameters

S. Sato Summery and closing commends