Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry

Education in Occlusion Medicine


brandnew VieSID course brochures

Here you will find the current VieSID course brochures and an overview of the current VieSID courses.

VieSID Basic Curriculum:

Rapid developments in dental technical materials and the completely different methods of implementation present a considerable challenge to the adaptation mechanisms of the cranio-mandibular system, making strategic case planning with an interdisciplinary approach especially important. This needs a profound knowledge of the functional, structural and dynamic functions of the masticatory organ, as well as technical knowledge of modern materials and Technologies. The VieSID Basic Curriculum is designed in particular for dentists and dental technicians who are looking for a comprehensive and well founded further education.

Advanced Basic Curriculum:

The VieSID Advanced Basic Curriculum is the logical follow-up of the VieSID Basic Curriculum. The course is designed to be an ideal preparation for the VieSID Continuum courses in prosthetic or orthodontic dentistry.

Advanced Condylography Tutorial:

This first part of the course will take place mostly in hands-on session including short theory spots on important topics. The second part of the course deals immediately with the evaluation of the previously recorded condylography.

Therapy Continuum:

Participants will be tought the VieSID prosthetic concept. The aim of the course is to guide participants from the basic initial findings through the therapeutic process. The final diagnosis is followed by the definition of treatment objectives and an initial management plan for the patient and the overall therapy.

Continuum Orthodontics:

The main objective of the VieSID Orthodontic Continuum is to supply diagnostics and therapy methods to our trainees. These methods encompass a broader vision of orthodontics, which takes into consideration not only the tooth movement itself, but also the adaptation of the jaws in respect to muscles and the temporomandibular joint, followed by the consequences that are derived from these.

Dental Technician Curriculum:

This course is especially for dental technicians, who would like to get familiar with the "Slavicek concept". The goal of the course is to give an overview over the "Slavicek conept", and get practical knowledge about different waxing classes and splints. Educate how to work as a dental technician with the "Slavicek concept".

Exclusive Tutorial: Dr. Alain Landry "Controlled Mandibular Repositioning":

This program enables dentists to acquire new knowledge and develop new competencies which they can incorporate into the heart of their practices for the well-being of their patients. This continuum is for dentists who want to treat more complex cases of Cranio-Mandibular Disorders (C.M.D.).

Exclusive Tutorial: Prof. Mariano Rocabado:

The course covers the Importance of the temporal Fossa in the stability of the Cranio-Mandibular System. Prof. Rocabado will introduce his concept of Tri-Centric relationship: Cranio-Cervical, Cranio-Mandibular and Occlusion.