Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry

Education in Occlusion Medicine

Keynote Seminars

Using MEAW in the Era of New Gnathology

with Dr. Alejandra Londono and Dr. Miguel Assis


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The MEAW arch wire exists since a long time. It was invented by Young Kim to close open bites, using its unique biomechanic properties to upright teeth. Prof. Sato used it to change occlusal plane as a successful tool to treat class II and class III malocclusions. Some people took it as a philosophy and started mixing it with old orthodontic concepts. MEAW is not a philosophy, it’s a mere tool!

Function plays a major role here, so functional diagnostics under the Vienna concept are essential to understand the patient’s malocclusion origin and its individual treatment.


The Program:

1st day: Functional diagnoses - Practical principles
  (Discussion over a real clinical case)
  Functional dynamic diagnoses
  Clinical history, clinical examination
  Muscular palpation and interpretation
  RP: The importance of RP as a starting point
  What should we look for in Cephalometrics - VTO
  Cadias, Cadiax
  Therapeutic Position (TP) when and where
2nd day: Early Treatment

Characterisation of malocclusions class II, class III
and Mandibular Lateral Deviation


The importance of keeping the first premolars
and 3rd molar germectomy

  Early Treatment strategies for class II, III and MLD
  Muscular palpation and interpretation
  The importance of mandibular repositioning over crowding
  Practical arch wire bending


3rd day: Adult Treatment

Articular, vertical and dento-alveolar compensation
and mechanism


TMD in orthodontic patients

  Treatment sequence
  Activationsequence and biomechanics step-by-step
  Practical arch wire activation


Date:  10. - 12. January, 2020      

Lecturer: Dr. Alejandra Londono, Dr. Miguel Assis

Venue: University Clinic of Dentistry Vienna, Sensengasse 2, 1090 Vienna

Course fee: 1.290,- Euro


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