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Keynote Seminars

Orthodontic Treatment of complex dysfunctional cases
Current advancement of craniomandibular orthodontics and occlusion medicine

with Prof. Sadao Sato


Sato keynote 225x150 144The primary focus in most orthodontic treatment is towards teeth and occlusion. Unfortunately, function and dysfunction is not the main concern. However, based on functional analysis, there are many cases which should avoid tooth extractions and surgical intervention. The importance to characterize malocclusion and to understand the role of occlusion plays a major role in order to make a correct diagnosis and treatment plan.

Growth of the craniofacial structures is dependent upon the principles of occlusal plane and mandibular adaptation. Prof. Sato’s studies had indicated that the steep cant of the posterior occlusal plane induces a backward rotation of the mandible. A forward adaptation of the jaw is readily observed on those having a flat plane of occlusion. The development of skeletal malocclusions such as Class II, Class III and MLD cases are clearly dictated by their respective occlusal plane configurations. This is because the neuromuscular system adapts to the function of articulation followed by skeletal adaptation. Therefore, the control of the vertical dimension of the posterior teeth is necessary in the treatment of malocclusions.


Date:  25. and 26. February, 2021      

Lecturer: Prof. Sadao Sato

Venue: University Clinic of Dentistry Vienna, Sensengasse 2, 1090 Vienna

Course fee: 890,- Euro


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