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On April 15th the first VieSID Webinar will be held. Find here the full list of our new Webinars, which will be free of charge. Pre-registration is required.


Titel Teacher Date/Time Registration

Cranio-Mandibular Disorders (C.M.D.),    
different options for
Initial Therapy based on diagnosis.
(Lecture in English with Russian

A. Landry  

June 10, 2020     
15:00 Vienna Time

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Previous Seminars:

Titel Teacher

Brackets or Aligners?
That is NOT the question!
(Lecture in english)
Replay available - find link on right side
Questions and answers

A. Londono M. Assis

Brackets o Alineadores?
Esa NO es la pregunta
(Lecture in spanish)
Questions and answers

A. Londono M. Assis

Condylar Position
Centric Relation vs Reference Position
“The Great Debate” (Lecture in english)
Questions and answers

I. Tester

Estava cega, agora vejo
(Lecture in portuguese)

D. Storino

How evidence in dentistry supports
you in dealing with complex cases
(Lecture in english)
Questions and answers

D. Togni

My first date with the articulator.
(The use of articulator in
occlusal medicine)
(Lecture in english)

M. Ivchev

Dlaczego kochamy koncepcję
prof. Slavicka?
(Why we love Slavicek
(Lecture in polnish)

A. Szygenda

What is the VieSID Basic Curriculum?
(Everything you wanted to know
but were afraid to ask!)
(Lecture in english)
Questions and answers

K. Parlett

Правильно спланированная
шино-терапия уменьшает
бруксизм среди СТОМАТОЛОГОВ! 
(Lecture in russian)

A. Saltykova
Come una diagnosi odontoiatrica
'evidence based' ci supporta nel
trattamento dei casi complessi
(Lecture in italian)
D. Togni
Диагностический пазл в
окклюзионной медицине
(Diagnostic puzzle in
occlusion medicine)
(Lecture in russian)
A. Klovanets

Come Fornire Un Bel Sorriso E Un
Organo Masticatorio In Salute
Attraverso La Riabilitazione
Ortognatodontica (Lecture in italian)

M. Casadei

Orthodontics in Treatment of
Malocclusions with TMD
(Lecture in english,
translation in russian and spanish)

S. Sato

Before I was blind, now I see
(Lecture in english)

D. Storino

Well-planned Splint therapy helps
dentists to brux less
(Lecture in english)

A. Saltykova
How to provide a beautiful smile
and a healthy masticatory organ
through orthognatodontic rehabilitation
(Lecture in english)
M. Casadei