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The new comprehensive standard work in 3 parts of Prof. Dr. Rudolf Slavicek


Prof. Dr. Rudolf Slavicek’s new book is the logical continuation and actualization of the book ”The Masticatory Organ” (published in 2000).

In this latest book you can find, on more than 1500 pages, many facts and documentations concerning the treatment of patient cases along the principles of the Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry.

The book is divided into 3 parts:

Volume 1 ”tractatio”  includes statements and text concerning functions, structures, as well as concepts aiming at the treatment of the dyfunctional masticatory organ. Each chapter can be regarded as part of the complete book, but can just as well be seen as individual scientific treatises.

Volume 2 ”concipio”  is an illustrated book with the aim to ”facilitate the visual perception”. Independently from volume 1 it includes the structures and functions of the masticatory organ in a deepening and summarizing way.

Volume 3 ”documentatio”  This volume perspicuously illustrates selected and fully documented patient cases treated by Prof. R. Slavicek and his team. The evidence of the Vienna School is well documented by standardised long-term follow-up examinations.

The complexity of the human masticatory organ and the human organism compels holistic thinking in the sense of the interactive cybernetic feedback control system. Cybernetics links the area between approved sciences. It visualizes and simplifies the necessary diagnostic and therpeutic steps for the tratment of the masticatory organ.   

You can see already in the introduction Prof. Dr. Rudolf Slavicek's fascination for the masticatory organ and his still growing curiousness about its basic concepts. This book wants to convey this fascination and curiosity.

„With this new book I want to communicate thoughts, encourage contemplations, provoke questions and allow criticism.“ (Prof. Dr. Rudolf Slavicek)


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