Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry

Education in Occlusion Medicine


Aesthetics and Function

Aesthetics is function before anything else.


All of us would love to have beautiful teeth. But tretament under a purely aesthetic view point is unrewarding for the patient. The main focus of a dental treatment should therefore be put on perfect function which additionally meets all aesthetic requirements and leads to a lasting result.

Sometimes only small corrections are needed to get the desired aesthetic effect. In any case, a responsible dental team will take the patient's wishes into consideration when planning and fulfilling the treatment.  

The main focus of dental treatment must be to achieve perfect function, to be paralleled with an aesthetic and lasting overall result.

During the dental studies, respectively the formation of dental technician, students will get profound knowledge about aesthetical and functional aspects which have to be taken into account during each therapy. Therefore the concept of „aesthetics and function“ has meanwhile gained acceptance both in the dental office and in the dental laboratory.

In an interdisciplinary teamwork between dentist and dental technician reconstructions are at a very high quality level using the best technical materials. The main emphasis is put on the function of the neuromuscular system and on aesthetics.